At HS Blades Enterprise, we strive our best to provide the optimally best possible product to our customers. However, we do understand customer have their perspective and gladly welcome their feedbacks. In this consistency of providing exceptional customer care and after sale services, we do also accept Returns & Exchanges, subjected to following conditions:

  • Return Period: Contact within 3 days from date of receipt, ship within 7 days from date of receipt.
  • Exchange Period: Contact within 7 days of receipt & ship within 14 days of receipts
  • Exchange & Return shipping is customer responsibility
  • Refund is Net of Order Total, Shipping & Non Refundable Expenses
  • Cancelation is Net of Order Total & Non Refundable Charges
  • Item(s) should be in resalable position & must be returned in original form.
  • Any damage during shipping is mutually adjustable.
  • Any damage/loss of value is deductible during exchange/return