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44" Aragorn's Strider Ranger Sword from Lord of The Rings in just $99

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Aragorn's Strider Ranger Sword, also known as Ranger Sword, is a longsword originally forged by the Rangers of North. It first appeared in Lord of The RingFellowship of The Ring when Aragorn fought against Sauron's Nazgul Ringrwaiths to save Frodo and Sam from them.This sword remained the primary sword Aragorn until he got the reforged the Narsil Sword of Elendil  as Anduril Sword from  Shard of Narsil of Isildur.
Aragorn's sword, which is available in green and black colors, is 44-inch long with a high-polish 33-inch fullered blade. The hilt and pommel is adored with anodization. We offer this sword in 11 blade steels , with base variants starting from just $88, available in both display as well as battle ready style. The knife and sword both have same blade material. Ranger sword features a wooden plaque for LOTR fans to hang it proudly to  showcase their enthusiasm. Scabbard is meticulously designed to provide both protection for the blade of sword and knife and a showcase for its exquisite craftsmanship because of its hand-stitched leather and its own meticulously casted fitting, creating a harmonious ensemble with the sword. 
You can also buy these LOTR Replica Swords individually. Links are as follow:
Blade: See Blade Material Variation
Handle: Casted Metal, Wood, Rexion
Sheath: Leather
Scabbard: Wood & Rexion
Plaque: Wood
Color: Green & Black
Blade Material
Accessories Combination
Item in Title PICTURE
Blade: D2 Steel
Color: Black
Accessories: Knife+Scabbard
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